Marion PAL Club Indoor Soccer
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555 E. Morton St., Marion, IN
(765) 668-4422
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K - 1st Grade
Boys & Girls Grade 2-3
Boys Grade 4-5
Girls Grade 4-6
Boys Grade 6-8
Girls Grade 7-8

Cookie Dough

Fee $60
Early October
Registration Deadline:
October 25th
Late November thru
Early March

Marion PAL Club Indoor Soccer Rules

1. The game will consist of (2) 25 minute halves with a continued running clock.

2. All Leagues will be played with 8 players and a keeper. Exception being 6-9th grade league will play 5 and a goalie.

3. All players “MUST” bring a pair of shoes to play that are not outdoor shoes. You will not be allowed to play if you do not have indoor shoes.

4. Shin guards are required.

5. (Playing Time/Substitutions) During the first 12 & ˝ minutes of each half there are no substitutions. At the 12 & ˝ min. mark we will stop and substitutes all players on the bench. They must play the rest of the half with open substitutions for the other players. Those substitutes can be made on the fly. You do not have to wait for a dead ball.

6. If the game is tied at the end of regulation, we will play a 5 minute sudden death. If no goals it will be a tie.

7. Scoring can only be done from you offensive side of the field. (After you cross mid-field)

8. There are no offsides.

9. There will be no slide tackling allowed.

10, The goalie must have 1 foot on or inside the box to use his hands on the ball. The goalie can bring the ball back inside the box himself and then pick up the ball.

11. The goalie cannot punt the ball, the goalie must throw or roll the ball to another player on the same end of the field. The goalie cannot throw the ball and score on the other end.

12. Any ball that leaves the playing area, hit’s the ceiling, or the netting will be dead. The opposing team gains possession with an indirect kick at the spot closest to where the ball left the field.

13. All fouls are indirect kicks from the spot closest to the foul unless in the box, those fouls will come out of the box to be put in play.

14. Anytime the ball is dead and is being put back in play. All defenders must be beyond the next line.

15. Anyone using foul language, arguing, or fighting will result in a minimum of a 2 minute penalty up to a game ejection. (Referee’s Discretion on the severity)

Good luck to all participants.

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