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Marion PAL Club Baseball
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555 E. Morton St., Marion, IN
Office Hours: 8AM -5PM
(765) 668-4422
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Marion PAL Club Baseball Banner

Boys 5-6 T-ball
Girls 5-6 T-ball
Boys 7-9 Coaches Pitch
Girls 7-10 Coaches Pitch
Girls 11-14 Softball

Practice in April
Games in early May
Until mid July

March 1st - 28th
Registration Deadline:
March 28th
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Marion PAL Club Coaches Pitch, Girls Softball/Boys Baseball Rules

*** Please clean dugouts after your game.
*** Do not take catchers gear with you!!!
*** Team Treats will be 75 cents per player each game

1. Coaches Pitch is a game of baseball for boys ages 7 thru 9 and for girls ages 7 thru 10. Some 6 year olds are playing if parents requested it/

2. Principles are to teach fundamentals. Improve skills, stress sportsmanship and build friendships.

3. Coaches should help build the kids confidence level, not tear it down. These kids are here to learn the game and to have a lot of fun, it is our job to see that both of these things happen for every child.

4. Complete game will be 6 innings unless the home team is ahead and then the game will only be 5 Ĺ innings. If the game is tied after 6 innings we will play extra innings to get a winner. The other way a game will not last a full 6 innings will be if a team in mathematically eliminated.

5. An inning will consist of 3 outs or 7 runs, whichever happens first.

6. The pitching coach must get off the field of play when the ball is hit. The base coaches are not allowed to touch base runners during the play, if they do and they are seen doing so by the umpires, the runner will be called out.

&. There will be a line on the field in front of the pitcher, this line is for the child playing to stand behind until the ball is put into play. The coach doing the pitching may go in front of that line if he or she chooses to do so. There is no right or wrong way to pitch to your hitters, you can pitch underhand. Overhand, fast of slow, itís up to you. IN THE GIRLS LEAGUE, ALL PITCHES WILL BE UNDERHAND!

8. Each player must play defense every other inning, no player is allowed to sit out 2 consecutive innings unless they are hurt or sick.

9. You must have at least 9 players present to start the game. All players on your team will be put in the batting order and they will bat when it is their turn, regardless of if they played defense or not. (example: if you have all 15 players at the game, #15 will bat before #1 bats a second time)

10. A player will be called out if he or she bunts the ball. A batter will be out if he or she throws the bat in a way the umpire feels is dangerous. This batter will be called out and the play is dead and all the base runners return to the base they occupied before the bat was thrown. (umpires will not be giving a warning on thrown bats, the hitter will be out.)

11. Base runners advance only on a batted ball, there is no base stealing, there is no lead off. A grace step will be given for a swing and a miss.

12. There is no infield fly rule, and there are no walks. A batter will be given 7 pitches to put the ball in play. If they foul the 7th pitch, the hitter will be out. A hitter will also be out if they strike out.

13. A runner will be out if they fail to touch a base and it is noticed by one of the umpires, A runner is also out if they run into a fielder trying to field a batted ball. Also a runner is out if they maliciously run into a player trying to tag them out.

14. On defense you will play 10 players, 4 of those players must be in the outfield when the ball is put into play. You will be allowed 1 or 2 coaches to be in the outfield to help kids know where to throw the ball. These coaches must always stay in the grass. They are not allowed to go into the infield during the play. You will be given 1 time out per game on defense.

15. Play will be called dead by the umpires when the ball is in the infield and the defense has stopped the base runners from advancing any further. Do not teach your team to hold the ball up and ask for time out.

16. In the boys league, all bats must be tee-ball or baseball only.
In the girls league, bats may be baseball or softball.

17. The home team is responsible for being the official scorer. This must be an adult and they will be responsible to keep track of the outs, runs, and batting order.

18. Umpires are going to be high school kids that will do the best they can. They are not here for us as coaches to argue with. Yes, they will make mistakes and they will not see everything, but I guarantee you they will be doing their best. We will not stand in front of these kids and argue, use abusive or foul language. I have in the past and I will again if needed ask a coach to leave the field. I hope that does not happen again in out league.

19. No smoking will be allowed on PAL Club field areas. You may smoke in your vehicle. No alcoholic beverages are allowed on the property.

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